At King James Plumbing, we have commercial plumbers who can help you with your sanitation and pipe installation issues at your place of business. A burst line or just a simple leak can cause you some hassles, but we’ll understand that you need the repairs are done fast, which is why we will work as quickly as possible to fix your specific problem. As a commercial plumbing company, we can handle jobs in existing structures throughout Spring, TX.


When considering remodeling of you existing commercial structure, it’s important to consider things like the location of the water and sewer lines, the number of pipes needed, and even where you want to relocate your toilets for your customers and your employees. Hospitals and medical facilities may need help with gas lines as well as backflow lines. It’s also important to think about where the sewage will go and whether you need a sump pump. Rest assured that our Spring, TX commercial plumbing team can help you with all of these things.

Call King James Plumbing to get help with the installation of pipes or repairs to an existing system. You can arrange for a commercial plumber to come to your place of business anywhere in the Spring area. We also service the surrounding areas of Houston.