Bringing home a dishwasher or another major appliance is an exciting experience until it comes time to install it yourself. Dishwasher and washing machines need a dedicated water source that provides the appliance with a  stable supply of water. At King James Plumbing, we have the skills and experience to install toilets, washers and any of these large appliances as well as hot water heaters, including tankless models and those that come with a tank. Our plumbing services are what keep customers coming back to us and are available to all property owners in Spring, TX and surrounding areas.


The services we provide go beyond simple fixes to include installations of toilets, washers and more to the Spring, TX area. If you bought an older home with an outdated sanitation system, you can turn to us and get an estimate as to the cost of replacing the whole thing. You can also request an estimate from us regarding the cost of putting a new plumbing system inside a home under construction.

We have years of experience with installations in Spring, and our plumbing services provide locals with the help they need. Call King James Plumbing today to make an appointment if you’re in Spring or a nearby community.